Shipping & Returns Policy

Products may require specified minimum purchase quantities in order to qualify for free shipping. The Customer is responsible for reviewing the shipping details prior to purchase. Free shipping is available only to customers in the contiguous United States. Some products, including trims, are not eligible for free shipping and are subject to shipping fees . Most products are in stock and will ship the next business day. The Customer will be notified within 1-2 business days if their order will not ship out in a timely manner. The Customer may arrange their own shipping.

Kavia Flooring ships only within the continental United States and Canada. Delivery is Monday through Friday during the delivery carrier’s business hours. All shipping is curbside delivery. Some rural or highly populated areas may be charged an additional $89 fee by our LTL (Less than Load) carriers.

More information about receiving a shipment can be viewed here:

Cabin Grade, Factory Grade, Factory Trials.Tavern Grade, and all other Second Quality materials ARE NOT covered under Kavia Flooring’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Special Orders, as defined by Kavia Flooring, include any and all materials not kept in stock on a regular basis. The Customer may contact a Kavia Flooring customer service representative about Special Order terms, conditions, warranties, and all other related inquiries. Special Orders ARE NOT covered under Kavia Flooring’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Kavia Flooring offers a 30 day no hassle return policy on unopened and factory sealed cartons of flooring. There is a four (4) carton minimum for returns. The Customer is responsible for the cost of freight back to the Kavia Flooring distribution center in Indianapolis, Indiana. All returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee.

Products sold without a manufacturer warranty and Special Order products are not eligible for return.

Kavia Flooring may arrange return shipping via multiple LTL carriers. The Customer may arrange for their own return shipping. If the Customer wishes to arrange their own return shipping, they must speak to a Kavia Flooring customer service representative and receive a return authorization form.

If the Customer wishes to inquire about a product exchange, they may contact a Kavia Flooring customer representative by phone at 1-866-966-2463 or by email at

All completed orders must be shipped from the Kavia Flooring Warehouse within 14 days of order, or the order will be subject to a warehouse storage fee.
Warranty Information

First quality products may carry manufacturer warranties. Warranty information may be found on the specific product’s page, and more in-depth information regarding a product’s warranty may be obtained by speaking with a Kavia Flooring service representative.

Cabin Grade, Factory Grade, Tavern Grade, Factory Overstocks and all other Second Quality materials DO NOT carry manufacturer warranties and are sold as is unless specifically implied. Cabin Grade, Factory Grade, Factory Overstocks, Tavern Grade, and all other Second Qualitymaterials are not inspected by Kavia Flooring prior to advertising, sale, or shipment.

A finish warranty usually guarantees the finish won’t wear through to bare wood or separate from the wood over the designated warranty period.
Structural Warranty

There are a few different types of warranties when it comes to hardwood flooring, Waterproof LVT flooring or Laminate Flooring. Perhaps the most important one is the Structural Warranty. With reputable manufacturers and retailers, you’re apt to find that most products will carry a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty Structural Warranties guarantee that the flooring planks are stably sound and won’t delaminate or separate from the top layer from the bottom layer when installed properly. Depending on the product type, excess moisture or lack of temperature control could void this warranty.
Second Quality Materials

Cabin Grade, Factory Grade, Factory Trials, Factory Overstocks,Tavern Grade, and all other Second Quality materials are excluded from claims of defective merchandise.

Cabin Grade, Factory Grade, Tavern Grade, and all other Second Quality materials are selected out by the manufacturer due to variances such as knots, mineral streaks, and short boards. Kavia Flooring recommends ordering an extra 15-20% of any Second Quality material to account for waste factor and undesired shorter length boards.

While the most common issue that arises with Second Quality material is short boards, it is important to note that board length may or may not impact its usability. Most short boards will be installable.
Factory Overstocks/Factory Trial Run

This flooring was purchased as a FACTORY OVERSTOCK/FACTORY TRIAL RUN. We don't know what the imperfections may be, if any. Some material may be slightly off shade from the regular running line product out in the marketplace - other material may contain very minor visible imperfections - occasionally planks may require a small amount of adhesive to stay locked together - sometimes material may be first quality. Kavia Flooring warrants this product for structural integrity and recommends purchasing 10-15% more product to cover any issues that may arise. This material is sold as is.
Damaged or Defective Merchandise

It is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect their order: counting the cartons they receive, ensuring the product label on the cartons matches what they ordered, and noting any damage on the shipping manifest. Claims may be denied if the damage is not reported at the time of delivery. The Customer is responsible for photographing any purported damage or defects.

Claims may be reported to Kavia Flooring by calling 1-866-966-2463 during normal business hours. Kavia Flooring will require photographic evidence of the reported issues. In the event that a certified third-party inspection is required, the Customer may be responsible for the cost of the inspection.

The Customer is responsible for inspecting all merchandise for any manufacturer’s defects prior to installation. Kavia Flooring is not responsible for any labor charges incurred after installation.

Installation of merchandise constitutes acceptance of the product and voids the Customer’s claim.
Freight Damage

All merchandise ships directly from the Kavia Flooring warehouse. It is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect ALL shipments received from Kavia Flooring. Claims for damage or shortages must be made upon receipt of product.

If any merchandise is found damaged upon receipt from the freight company, the Customer must note the damage. The Customer may then refuse the shipment or accept the shipment and store the damaged product until claim is resolved.

In the event that concealed damage is discovered Kavia Flooring or the customer may ATTEMPT to file a claim with the carrier to have the damaged material replaced. There is no guarantee that any claim will be successful.

IF an order is shipped via FedEx or UPS, the Customer must file any freight claims directly with the carrier within 24 hours prior to calling us for replacement merchandise.